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Piano Electronica / Post Classical



Parallel Universe

- Lullaby of Where I Came from

Gateway - Premonition

Constellation Cube
feat. Poel & Al Pimentel


Relaxing Piano Background Music

222 Piano Improvisation BEST of Vol. 01

Beginning on January 22 2021, K.K. eidos released totally 222 piano improvised pieces on everyday basis until August 31 2021.

The 12 best ones are selected from all the pieces focusing on "relaxing one (a few unique ones also included)," and this video is highlight of those best selections. 

FULL VERSION of The 12 Tracks↓↓
【90min Relaxing Background Music】
 Everyday Piano Improvisation BEST Vol.01



■K.K. eidos
  K.K. (Pianist / Composer / Arranger)

K.K. eidos is a music project by K.K. (Pianist / Composer / Arranger). Its music is piano-centered instrumentals based on Post Classical / Piano Electronica.

K.K. had been a former member of an electro pop duo SouLandscape since 2010 until 2018 in Los Angeles. 
Beginning with 1st album "Stand Alone" in 2011, SouLandscape performed at "Whisky a Go Go," the renowned venue in Hollywood , "Anime Expo," the major anime event in North America, and so on. 

In 2014, SouLandscape wrote an ambient album "Yakudo - Dynamizm -" for an exhibition in Los Angeles "The Heart of Japan 62nd Jingu Shikinen Sengu At Ise" by Mr. Sanjiro Minamikawa, a photographer who were active on a global stage. 

In 2017, SouLandscape composes music for a horror film "KILL TEASER" directed by MB X. McClain (UNDERNET PRODUCTION).
(Trailer >> YouTube, Purchase >> Amazon)

As solo, K.K. (as "K.K of SouLandscape") participated as a pianist in recording for a music video "Eternally" by a Los Angeles based music producer 9Q. 

In 2019, K.K. returned to Japan. In July, 2020, he started the project "K.K. eidos" and released the original tunes, "Gateway - Premonition" and "Parallel Universe – Lullaby of Where I Came From." In 2021 April, in collaboration with musicians from Los Angeles, Poel on guitar and Al Pimentel on saxophone, he released "Constellation Cube" on YouTube.  




As for composing music for video / film / etc, live performance, live support or recording support for your project, please feel free to inquire at the above Email address. 


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except for the background images of the introduced videos, 

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